Freyr and Gerd revisited

Or maybe visited, as I’ve never had a lot of dealings with the Vanir. I remain Odinic in my Heathen dealings… complete with bones, antlers, dirt, the usual earthy stuff.

Anyway, my point is this. Any time I learn anything relating to the Vanir, I soak it up on some level. I may not have an active relationship with Them but I can still learn and incorporate that learning. Which is why I wanted to share this great post Heather Freysdottir posted about a ritual re-enactment of the myth of Freyr wooing Gerd and what every little bit might mean. Yes it is doxa, because we will never know for certain, but it certainly does put an interesting new spin on this tale.

Yes I’m still here!

Because I have been far too quiet here and yet still have been seeing some new subscribers here recently I thought I would say as much. There are multiple levels of brain dumping I need to do, several blog posts which have existed in my head for over a month, and in a week I switch to working evenings at the library. Gods willing, this will allow for a resumption of more spiritual work and writing in general.

In the meantime my cats continue to be adorable and do things like this of their own accord.

Cuddly cats

Latest on Pagan Activist

I knew I was going to be doing this post even as I did the last one about Kenny Klein, as national events dictated it.

I’m Swedish, Heathen, and not a racist is me starting to sort out all the issues which come from being a progressive, lefty devotee of the Aesir when some others use it as justification for violence against people who are Other. There’s a ton I did not include and at some point I hope to start putting it together into something more coherent. It’s also going to take a lot more reading on my part. Consider this post the beginning.

Helping the community

Signal boosting this post from my friend Sufenas for several people who are in need of financial assistance at this time. I sent e two of the stories yesterday and am glad to see them gaining more visibility: for Bob (a friend and fellow Assistus–Sufenas, proper declension?) and Kate Bornstein. There are also links to a fundraiser for victims and survivors of the Kansas shootings and another transwoman who needs money.

May every dollar received for these worthy causes be multiplied a thousand times over!