Let’s get going here…

I have a new fascination, as well as a new Deity in the “oh my various Gods” lineup. Last night I was able to combine both.

This past fall, I was going through something of an identity crisis. Not so much as I didn’t know who I was, but more that for a long time I only saw one narrow facet of myself. In the midst of trying to adjust to the larger whole of my personality, I was also sensing a Goddess at the edges of my consciousness with Whom I’d had absolutely no previous connection.


I’d never before had much affinity for Greek culture and mythology and I tend to feel more connected to Gods than Goddesses, so it felt a little odd. But I also knew the particular push well and wasn’t about to ignore it. One Wikipedia article later and I had the epiphany as to why She was visiting. She is the one who provided the proverbial smack upside the head about my connection to Boundary gods, as She is certainly the epitome of one. One I started to settle in with this knowledge, She faded.

Or so I thought.

Early in April I found my thoughts drifting to Her a great deal. At mid-month I was visiting with a friend of mine and among the conversation mentioned Hekate’s reappearance. She loaned me this book, which I then devoured in short time. (I hope to review it later, but let me just say that I want to see more devotionals like this–a mix of historical information, personal anecdotes, and various rituals for Hekate.) She and I also did some trance work for different ends, mine being to try to find out just what Hekate wants from me. The answer at that point was not as clear as it could have been.

On to the matter of my fascination, it is for pathworking. I’ve done a lot of shamanic trance work in the last several years but there’s a difference to me between venturing out in trance where you don’t always know where you’ll go and a pre-set path to walk.

Last night I used one of the pathworkings from the Hekate book to talk to Her. Between that and the trance journey last month, She is making it very clear that She is here for some time because She IS very suited to my personality and can potentially assist me a great deal. I have not yet made Her any promises for regular devotional work because I am still not sure of the nature of this relationship, but I do hope that it will be a good one.

On to the matter of the blog itself, I am hoping that in the coming days I can put up a lot of background material: basics on the traditions with which I am involved, some definitions of terms that will regularly come up, etc.


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