Reiki renewal

I still have the background posts to do for this blog: my traditions, practices, and “why mystic?” My hope is that I will have these done during the week. In the meantime, consider this post part of the “practices” series.

I have recently taken to doing Reiki on myself again. I am a second degree Usui practitioner, having received the first degree in the fall of 1999 and receiving second in December of 2000. My hope is that I will receive the third and master symbols before the end of the year. In preparation for this, I am again giving myself Reiki, and at midsummer a friend and I (the one who would confer the final symbols) will be doing this virtual Reiki retreat.

It’s been a long time since I really used Reiki in any form, and there’s a certain comfort in doing so again. Healing and energy work are things I do enjoy greatly but rarely seem to have a chance to do. It’s also comforting to come back to a practice that used to be a regular part of my life. Plus, it reminds me just how potent these symbols are. This morning I used the emotional healing symbol for myself because yesterday was much more stressful for me than I could handle. Even a few minutes of running that energy through my body has calmed me down more than any amount of quiet, chocolate and Red Dwarf episodes have managed, and for that I am most thankful.

So now I am wondering, how many of you currently reading are Reiki practitioners? Do you use it regularly?


2 comments on “Reiki renewal

  1. I’m a Reiki Master/Teacher, since 2000. I’m not actively teaching. I *should* start doing so again.

    I probably don’t “use” Reiki as often as I should either. I regularly self-treat, but I should be offering to others more.

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