Spam spam spam… BLOODY VIKINGS!

I’ve been actively involved in Asatru/Heathenry since 2002. If you have questions about the faith (and from here on in I will more likely use Heathenry as I prefer the term), check out the Wikipedia article above.

I’m very much an Odinswoman, with all the possible connotations: wanderer, constantly seeking out knowledge and wisdom, magical practitioner, rune worker, bawdy, and love my alcohol! Also note that He is very much a boundary god–both as an ecstatic and for His connections to death. I also have a strong connection with Frigga on a few fronts: we both know much but speak little, both concerned with keeping of the home, and again the boundary god (She is Keeper of the Keys). Plus, my family ancestry is Swedish, so some of my Heathenry is a way for me to connect with that background and also honor my genetic ancestry. But I do believe that even if I were not Swedish, I’d still have connections with the Aesir and Vanir.

I’m also very much an unconventional Heathen. Last year I became a member of Odhroerir Kindred, which is somewhat outside the normal of the usual kindred idea. We are more esoterically and magically focused, not all out members live in the same area, and we honor some of the Etins (most notably Gunnlod and Bestla). For more information, check out the site.

My current status with the Aesir and Vanir is that They have stepped back some for the time being. My connection to Them is certain and unwavering, but They and I both agree I need to focus more on some other traditions and practices. I still wear my valknut on Wednesdays (have it on right now) and when the need comes I will talk to them and also go to blots or sumbels (Heathen rituals) when I can.


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