Syncretism in medieval Iceland

A discussion of saints in medieval Iceland included the idea that possibly that the worship of saints replaced the worship of the Heathen Gods.

I’m sitting here and pondering the implications of this. I do have a decent knowledge base regarding saints and their syncretism with the lwa and orishas in African religions, but what I know of ATR is that it’s potentially easier to adopt this world-view. Catholicism, Vodou, and Yoruba-based faiths include the idea of God being immense and somehow removed from this world, and the saints/lwa/orishas act as intermediaries to God and more likely to be involved in the workings of this world. As far as we know with Heathens pre-conversion, there was never such an idea around the Aesir and Vanir.

We shall have to see how this develops.

(original link from Jordsvin, posted to the troth-members board/e-mail list. Thanks!)


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