My practices

I have this and two more background posts that I want to put online before the end of the week. Then, it’s more about looking forward than filling the unknown you in on what has come before. It’s a little scary to consider right now, if only because it means I have another marker by which to measure any work I do.

The following are my various practices which seem to defy any set spiritual tradition, but some fit in with all. As always, if you have any questions feel free to ask. (I also think that you currently have to be registered with WordPress to comment. I should look into that.)

*Ancestor veneration. This is a core practice among most pre-Christian traditions, though the form varies. I’ve kept a boveda (scroll down) since 2005, after an Ifa divination I received gave this as a remedy. Even with several years of offerings, ancestor blots, and lighting candles, it’s only been fairly recently where I’ve been feeling connected to my ancestors enough to where I am hearing them and sensing their taking a potentially more active role.

*Yoga. I originally started practicing in 2001 during my final semester of college. In 2002 I signed up for a six week beginner course but only did two weeks. Early this year the yoga studio near my house offered a day of free classes. As part of a resolution to break out of my comfort zones, I opted to go to two classes that were somewhat more than the very basic introduction to poses. I was hooked like I had never been before. Yoga has now become a regular part of my life, even considering the month and a half break I had due to travel and various minor illnesses. I take three classes a week currently–Kundalini, Hatha Tantra, and Tantra Ayurveda. They are my most overt methods of mind-body-spirit connections. Each class pushes my body in new ways and connects me better with it, and thus the world around me. Yoga also takes me away from all the day to day nonsense and reminds me of what I consider to be most important in my life. I never leave class in a bad mood or feeling upset.

*Magic. Yes I do it. I tend to prefer folk magic like candle spells and chanting. Ritual magic of any form is next to impossible for me, unless it’s a ritual laid out by someone else. I am hoping to incorporate it into my life but it is slow going. I am also enrolled in cat yronwode’s Hoodoo correspondence class though I regret to say I am sorely slacking on doing that work.

*Divination. I read runes as well as Tarot. If you’re interested in a reading, contact me.

*Trance work and shamanism. I’ve been doing this since 2003 and I’d say it’s been my most consistent practice. I had a major “experience” with Odin that spring (a story I may or may not recount here, but people who have known me for some time will possibly remember it), which led me to becoming involved in a long distance “trance class” led by Diana Paxson. This is where I first formally learned the methods of trance work into other worlds, as well as how to come back, which is a VERY necessary skill. In 2004 I took some additional classes locally along with some friends of mine led by a woman originally trained in core shamanism but then branched out using her own techniques in addition. While the classes themselves did not manifest into major work with the woman, those of us who had known each other before have since continued to do trance/shamanic work on our own, and sometimes together.

I reserve the right to add to this post as material comes up that I may have forgotten, but I think this covers the major touchstones I will discuss publicly.


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