When life gets in the way of blogging

Or in my case, life and a touch of writer’s block.

I’ve had more stress heaped on to me this year than I care to think about, and not nearly enough respite from it, big or small. It builds up to the point where I go into survival mode and can only focus on handling what’s right in front of me. It also greatly interferes with any spiritual practice I may want to do outside of the most basic meditations and simple rituals.

So I’m not really doing that much, and what’s worse, all the stress has led to a definite degree of writer’s block. I have posts that I still want to write for this blog as well as some articles I was hoping to submit for the next issue of Rending the Veil. They’re not going to happen before this weekend, which, incidentally, is when I depart for Florida for a little over a week of respite with my best friend.

In the meantime I am trying to take off as much of the pressure I and the world heap on myself. It’s a wonderful application of the principle of ahimsa, non-harming. My yoga teacher has been speaking of it for the last few weeks. This means not worrying about self-imposed deadlines and relaxing them.

I am hoping that while I am on vacation I can gather my thoughts enough for a few posts here as well as the RTV material. Give me about two weeks and, Gods willing, I will be fully recharged and reconnected.


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