Glad Midsommar

Happy Midsummer/summer solstic, Blessed Litha, and happy Feast of the Beautiful Reunion to all of you.

I’ve been home from my vacation for nearly a week now, and I still am not too pleased to be home. It was one of the best vacations I ever had–I relaxed like I rarely allow myself to do, much spiritual work happened, and I finally got to see Pearl Jam live. Coming back to my “regular” life has been a bit of a letdown, but I refuse to fall back into the patterns I perpetuated beforehand. Plus, I came home and caught a cold, so I was physically incapable of going back to my self-imposed pushing to be “productive.”

My plans for Midsummer include spending a day this weekend with one of my kindred sisters in ritual and also starting the virtual Reiki retreat. I am also re-purifying my Kemetic Shrine.

Despite the cold, I am feeling renewed and full of an optimism I thought I would never find again.


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