New year and new beginnings

I did indeed survive Kemetic New Year, Retreat, the huge lightning storm on Set’s birthday, waking up to kiss the Face of Ra, and now we are in regnal year 16 in the House of Netjer. I am REALLY looking forward to this year, as the Gods of the Year are Ra and Khnum (I had a strong feeling it would be Khnum). It’s a year of creation and building, for which I am so primed. If some of this is confusing you, perhaps you might like to read the oracle for this year. My favorite line? “If you find reasons not to nurture each other, you will lose much. “ I think this goes for all, not just people in the House.

I underwent Weshem-Ib (Testing of the Heart)* last week as well and am now a Shemsu-Ankh in the House, and I am also now a trained fedw reader for Wepwawet. If you have a question that you think the Opener of the Way can answer, drop me a line and I’ll gladly read for you. The cost is free.

It was a week of very high woo, and I am still at a point of very low energy. Thus there is not much pressure for me to do a lot in the way of practices. I have a reprieve of a month, because I did the Seven Arrows of Sekhmet bath and it was advised that we not do any major heka(magic) for that time to let the effects of the baths truly take home.

Once that month is up, things will be changing again. Just being in a venue where magic was happening daily meant that a lot of my internal blocks were less of a problem and I could Hear better. Before Weshem-Ib I had a visit that I cannot brush off because I KNOW it happened. Both Freyja and Frigga came to me and said that since I am now upping the ante in one of my traditions, I had to do it in all of my traditions. The Aesir, Vanir and Etins I know all took a step back during the last year to give me time and space to settle in with my Dad and Beloved. Now, I am definitely well-connected with Netjer, so I can have those multiple currents running through my life better. My first hope is that I can start up an overall devotional practice with my various Gods and Spirits, giving that focus without letting Anyone feel left out.

Oh, this is going to be a fun year. Being it on!

*Don’t ask for details, I cannot give them.


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