Mini Book Reviews

At some point I am hoping to be able to do more in depth book reviews, but in the interim I can start writing smaller reviews to get into the mindset.

First up is Inner Alchemy: energy work and the magic of the body by Taylor Ellwood. If you practice energy work with any sort of regularity, this book needs to be a part of your library. I suspect even the most well-read and well-practiced worker will find some new material in this book, as the author includes recent scientific discoveries as well as working with DNA and neurotransmitters in a magical way. Each chapter also ends with exercises/journaling questions to expand upon the contents of said chapter, which I find beneficial to help draw out my own opinions and experiences, and also encourage the reader to try out what Ellwood has presented. I don’t automatically agree with everything presented, and my inner proofreader noted a few minor printing errors (chalk it up to the Seshat influence), but the strength of the material easily makes up for this.
(Disclaimer: Yes the author and I are friends, and his blog is listed in my blogroll. My opinion comes independent of this friendship. Had I not liked the book, I would have said nothing about it.)

Next is The Golden Thread: the ageless wisdom of the Western mystery traditions by Joscelyn Godwin. In sixteen short, engaging and well-researched chapters, Godwin presents a timeline of the assorted mystery traditions, from Hermeticism and Platonic thought through Freemasonry, Theosophy and beyond. I was greatly impressed with his ability to work in a wide range of ideas and thinkers I don’t normally see in “popular” treatments of the subject, such a references to Henry Corbin’s mundus imaginalis and the Traditionalist school of the early 20th century. If you are looking for a text to explore the ideas that will neither sail over your head or talk down to you, pick this up.

Hope you’ve enjoyed, and happy reading!

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