Happy Autumn!

Or Winter Finding or Mabon, depending on your preferences and tradition.

I can feel the transition, both in my bones and in my psyche. There is a turning happening. If you want to make changes in your life, now would be an especially auspicious time to do it. Trust me on this. (Just keep in mind that Mercury goes retrograde on Wednesday and act accordingly.)

On a personal front, I’m throwing myself a little more into actual practices again and they are bearing some delicious fruit. That deserves a post in its own and I hope to start drafting it, and some others, as the week progresses.

Keeping with the Winter Finding theme, I’ve been hearing on a few varied front that this winter may be a severe one. If you’re in an area of the country to be affected by this, start planning now. It doesn’t mean hoard all the food you can and sit on it necessarily, but I would say marshal your resources. Normally I avoid talk of news and politics here, but one cannot avoid the talk right now with corporations failing and people losing their houses. Conserve as much as you can, make the smartest choices possible, and do not be afraid to ask for help if you need it.

Love to all of you reading.


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