More quote goodness

I think one potentially big advantage to a syncretic practice is that it somehow becomes easier and a little more acceptable to take inspiration from more quarters. This includes ones that do not fit at all within one’s own tradition(s). Hence my recent devouring of the works of Hildegard of Bingen and my passion for the Sufi poets.

Another of my fascinations is for ceremonial magick, though I have never been part of a formal temple or lodge, and for the most part it does not come into my own practices. Last summer, I read a small collection of essays written by Jack Parsons, and at some point in the near future I look forward to reading the biographies available on him. This is probably his best known quote, and with good reason. I leave it to you all to mull over this weekend and in the coming days. May it fill you will the joy I feel whenever I think of it.

Freedom is a two-edged sword of which one edge is liberty and the other responsibility, on which both edges are exceedingly sharp; and which is not easily handled by casual, cowardly or treacherous hands.


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