Mini book review: Druid Priestess

Druid Priestess: an intimate journey through the pagan year by Emma Restall Orr.
Thorsons, 2000.

Something I feel we need more of in modern paganism/polytheism are memoirs. At this stage I am much more interested in reading about how people live their faith and practices than yet another rehashing of what I can find in five other 101/201 books. Druid Prietess certainly fits the bill of the former, with Orr taking the reader through the neopagan wheel of the year to introduce the major concepts of her practice of Druidcraft. From Samhain to Samhain, we go through initiations, births, rebirths, death, exploration, sexuality, harvest, eldering, and back to the beginning. Orr takes many scenes from her own life and applies them to each of the holy tides. Personally, my favorite portions are her interactions with her Gods, spirit guides, local spirits, and one story recounting a ritual done in full view of a nuclear power plant.

If you’re looking for some inspiration, are just curious as to how to go about making a pagan faith an integrated part of your life, or wish to read the story of an interesting and unconventional person, pick up this book.

(Note: This book was originally published as Spirits of the Sacred Grove. I also am not certain if it has been reprinted since this edition and if there is a title change.)

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