The Bane of Mystics

… which can also be applied to anyone heavily involved in spiritual work, especially if they tend to work alone.

A few weeks ago one of my friends on Livejournal mentioned the term acedia, which is a state of spiritual listlessness that leads to apathy about one’s life. It is particularly directed at spiritual life, and can be the bane of solitaries. Reading over some material on the subject, I can understand why it would happen. It’s not an easy path to be so heavily concerned with spiritual matters, and when one lacks a physical community to offer companionship and support, it is even harder to release that burden.

Originally I thought I was feeling burnout and sloth with all but my spiritual life. However, in the span of about two weeks I realized quickly this was not the case. I realized that my meditation practices had become a chore rather than a pleasure. Thus it was put on hiatus. And this past weekend I realized I was feel so burnt out from my life overall that I barely had the energy to give to doing daily Senut*, and until I feel more rested and renewed, that will not be happening. I will continue with the following: my yoga practice, both daily sun salutations and weekly class time, soul alignment, daily rune draw and weekly Tarot card pull. The divination has become a guide to how my day/week will progress; yoga makes me feel very alive and connected to my body as well as the seen and unseen worlds; soul alignment makes me feel very together internally and able to face the world. Outside of these things, though, I am giving myself something of a vacation for this month. Perhaps this is my Yule gift to myself.

I do not feel worried that this will negatively affect my relationships with my Gods and spirits. I know T/they understand, as they watch me push myself too hard as a general rule, and may even welcome the fact that I am taking some time out to rest. Hopefully it will also see some of my focus going back into developing material for this blog. I have a few posts in draft form and several to be plotted.

I have a question for my regular readers. Is there anything in particular you’d like to see discussed? I know what I hope to address here, but ideally this blog will not merely be an exercise in navel-gazing. For those of you reading through the Livejournal feed, please do not comment there as I do not receive comment notifications for those posts.

*core rite of Kemetic Orthodoxy


3 comments on “The Bane of Mystics

  1. I’d like to hear more about your relationship to the Netjer. I am not KO, but I do follow a Kemetic path, and I’m always interested in hearing the perspectives of those who follow similar paths, even if its not one I’d follow myself (if that makes any sense).

    ~Solo/Primaldog on LJ

  2. Solo, would you be interested in doing something like that as a dialogue? We could do question and answers via email then I put it up here for the world to see.

  3. That sounds like a good idea, I’d be up for that. My email address is cynanthropos(at)gmail(dot)com. Maybe that can give me more ideas to write on in that area for my blog, too.

    Also, a person from my lj list brought up acedia as well (probably not the same person though), and although I don’t think its something I myself have experienced, I would consider it a type of Dark Night of the Soul–which I have experienced. I think there are different types which fall under the same species, if that makes any sense. Interesting to read about in any case.

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