Some small updates

I have added two new blogs to the blogroll: The Green World of the Gods and Vanic Thoughts. I’ve also started to build a non-blog link list, as you can see on the right. If you have a blog or web site that you think might make a good addition to the list, feel free to let me know.

Also, this update makes me realize I never mentioned a change to my organization status. Earlier this year, Odhroerir Kindred has a small morphing in name and purpose, and is now Odhroerir Fellowship. In the coming months, there will hopefully be some new rituals, pathworkings, and devotional ideas from our own perspectives of Heathenry.


One comment on “Some small updates

  1. My blog Dimension Bomb is kinda new by comparison, but it covers a broad range of topics from my magical and shamanistic practices to Kemetic paganism, if you find it anything remotely interesting *chuckle* There I go for shameless self-promoting, and of course there’s always my ever-growing blogroll there for other blogs and things I like to read.

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