The year is ending

Over the weekend I did a relatively long post summing up my year and some ritual work I did for the solstice. This morning, I deleted it all. The energy of Yule has seeped into me and has me wanting to keep my thoughts inside. 2008 has been one of the most intense years of my life, with some major highs and lows. The big lows have been things I did not discuss, because you all wouldn’t believe me if I told you. Interestingly, the fact that those lows were all external made them somehow easier to handle. When it’s not about reshaping your psyche you can keep a certain level of objectivity. It was long overdue and while it will stay with me for the rest of my life, at least there’s some level of resolution.

For Yule itself, I burned a candle in my sun candlestick and fed my runes. As it was also Return of the Distant Goddess by the Kemetic Orthodox calendar, I made some small offerings to Hethert/Hathor, for Whom I made a small shrine after Wep Ronpet. I also did some heka/magic asking Her for something. Obviously I don’t want to say much about that in order to let it come about. Again, silence.

I’m on vacation from work until 2009 and it’s an amazing feeling. I can ride out the holy days without anything else on my mind unless I specifically want it there.

Happy Yule and Merry Moomass to you all. Thank you for reading this blog; having a regular readership has been great motivation for me to continue posting here. I hope that in 2009 I can get the rest of the posts that have been simmering in my head for weeks and months out on to the monitor.


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