Spiritual maintenance

I’ve been doing a very poor job on keeping up with my spiritual work. While I could give excuses why this has happened, sometimes it just happens. Call it one of the drawbacks of being engaged with the mundane/secular world. We still have to pay the bills, interact with people, eat, and other such things, but doing such means you can continue with your Work and remember why you’re doing it. Or at least that is how it is for me.

In any case, I’ve been feeling like my life is settling enough again to where I can think about my esoteric work again. So it’s back to some of the basics, and for me this means meditation. I stopped for several months because I felt like it was not doing much of anything to benefit me. No, I am not someone to continue a practice simply because it’s “supposed” to be good for me. That becomes a waste of energy and a source of stress. Tonight, though, I wanted it.

I sat down and did what I have done since I was about 21, a zazen style counting of breaths with my eyes closed. All I wanted to get from this was some clearing of my head and relaxation before I went back into more academic work. While I was breathing and feeling some of the stress and psychic junk leave, I got the idea in my head that maybe my spirit body (bodies?) could use a cleaning.

What I use for this are two exercises I got from the book Your Aura & Your Chakras: the owner’s manual by Karla McLaren. The first is an aura cleaning and the second is a chakra healing. The first got rid of a lot more psychic junk than I realized was hanging around and was glad to be rid of it. Chakra healing gave me a perk up that is much needed, as well as a brief vision of a scarab and I thanked Khephra for helping me out with that. (Never had Khephra drop in before, so that was interesting.) So while I am still feeling a bit run down, which I blame on yesterday’s snowstorm, at least my body doesn’t feel like this will be a never-ending sensation.

Periodically I find myself in periods like this, where I’ve forgotten to tend to my spiritual needs, pay a price, and start back at the basics. I wish it were not so for me, but it is, and I have to remember that and work around it.

I can make it through tomorrow, that much I know. It feels good.


2 comments on “Spiritual maintenance

  1. It sure was a chore figuring out how to log into this blog. lol. It kept telling me that spiritcompanion.comwpadmin was not found. 😛

    I have the same issues you mention above. I need to get a new series of work moving… I’d be interested in those exercises, if you would feel okay giving me the rundown. 🙂

  2. Sheta–IF you need me to clarify further, let me know.

    First is the aura cleansing. Ground, center, define your aura, and by the book it’s good to have the color of the grounding cord and aura match. Draw a circle (I actually see it like a tube going into the ground) along the edge of the aura and start pulling in your aura to “wring out” (again, my imagery) and have the unwanted energy go into the earth. Hold it for about 30 seconds, then let the aura go back to its normal size and visualize it filling with a bright shade of your aura color.

    The second is called the gold sun healing for chakras, with the idea being of an eight chakra above the head like a personal sun. Visualize a golden beam from this sun descending down through each chakra, and as it does it cleans/revitalizes/heals that chakra. Continue letting the beam drop down through each chakra, down to the first. When you feel it’s done, let the beam follow back up through the chakra column and back home.

    If I find myself thinking about either of these exercises, I do both. This happens maybe once or twice a year, unless I have a lot of stress going on.

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