CFS: Triumph of the Moon 10th Anniversary

Dear All

Please repost this call anywhere that you feel is relevant

It gives me great pleasure to make this Call for Papers:

In 2009 it will be ten years since Ronald Hutton’s “Triumph of the Moon: A History of Modern Pagan Witchcraft” was published. To mark the tenth birthday of this extremely influential, provocative and seminal book, a volume of collected essays is planned.

This is a call for papers for a print book that will reflect upon how scholarship about witchcraft, magic and occultism in the modern age has ‘come out of the closet’ and grown since Triumph.

It is specifically not intended as a pure celebration of Ronald’s work or a festival of content-light laudatory prose, rather more a highlighting the work as a springboard for the work which followed, and exploring the various academic directions that were catalysed by Triumph.

We welcome previously unpublished scholarly contributions submitted by tenured academics, postgraduates and freelance researchers, of up to 8000 words (using Harvard citation format) as Word RTF (rich text format) files in the first instance, with bibliography and footnotes. Due to the expected large volume of submissions, anything sent which is not to that format will not be read.

We welcome submissions from any academic discipline, and are particularly keen to see cross-disciplinary works.

While we expect most of the subject matter to be about (and relevant to) Britain this does not preclude writers from anywhere in the world from submitting material, and all submissions will be judged on merit, not geographical origin.

The working title is “Ten Years of Triumph? The development of Academia of the Esoteric in the 21st Century”.

Inquiries and submission to by no later than June 8th 2009 please.

No poetry! No artworks! Thank you

Dr Dave Evans

Independent Scholar

I confess I have never actually read Triumph. Maybe this summer it will finally happen.


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