Last day of the year

The last day of Year 16 in the House of Netjer. The last day over which Ra and Khnum will rule. I gave Them an offering today of my lunch.

Gods of Year 16 without flash

Gods of Year 16 to the side!

The bounty: (homemade) tabouleh, (homemade) sourdough wheat bread with butter and cheese, kombucha with ginger, fresh local strawberries, along with jasmine incense and a candle.

I wish I could have gotten to know Them better during this year, but there will be more time for that later. I am curious to see Who will be God(s) over next year, and I have suspicions already thanks to some interesting unusual occurrences in the last few weeks. I agree with Bast (and Temwa) that better things are indeed around the corner.

Thank you Ra and Khnum for presiding over this year. It’s had the usual fumbles, annoyances, frustrations, and whatever bad you can think of in a year. The past twelve months have also been among the most wonderful of my life. May that continue into Year 17.

May everyone (including myself) be safe in our travels, as some of us will soon or have already set out for Retreat due to start on Tuesday. Nekhtet!


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