Year 17: And what will you do?

The God over this year is Djehuty, and the oracle speaks often of Doing, and Doing with Wisdom.
Since this was presented at Retreat earlier this month, many many people have spoken of plans, lists, actions to take. It is like the year that starts for the Western world on January 1, with resolutions fresh in our mind, newness to change patterns in which we are stuck.
And how many of those ideas are forgotten by the first of February.
In the Kemetic calendar there are 360 days to the year. All those days in which we can do. If too much energy is placed on doing everything now, how much sooner might it run out? It is more than acceptable to say that you don’t have to do everything now. You might not even know what it is you are supposed to do.
My doing right now involves figuring out what things I want to accomplish in the short and long term. I am very fond of making lists and planning, but whenever I try to work on longer term plans it seems to be more difficult to make them come to fruition. One of the things I would like to do before the month is over is establish some longer-term goals. One of my good friends recently showed me such a list, with goals for six months, one, three, and five years. This is what inspired my own, though instead of three years I will have two. All I have left to do now is determine if the items on there can be done, then I will offer the list to Seshat, make sure She’s given approval, and then make those things happen.
The other big activity consuming my mind since the year started is reworking all my shrine space and acquiring new statues and tools. I have plans to purchase a nightstand that will become my central Heathen shrine. The current spot I have is shared space on my dresser with what I consider my general magical working area. Somehow having the two set up as they are does not inspire me to do much devotional activity on either side. Not too helpful, then.
I am also setting up a shrine to Aset, and in Her true fashion, She’s claimed a shelf on a bookcase tall enough for a very lovely statue of Her. I don’t speak of Her often, either in this blog, my livejournal, or talking with others. She’s certainly been around for a long time, and I have the unshakable feeling that now I need to figure out just what the connection is with Her and I.
I’m also wanting to purchase more magical tools. For a long time I scorned them and never felt much need for them in my magical practice. Certainly the magic I did seemed to work decently without them. But I want to DO more magically, and having physical representations of this would act as quite the catalyst. Plus, pretty things, they are nice.
As part of the heka (magic) for the year, all of us at Retreat got resolution buddies and each set one big goal for the year. Mine was to write more, specifically relating to the blog, my paper journal, and material that I’d like to publish. To this end I hope to put up at least two posts per month of original material. A long term hope I have for the blog is to make it into a resource for a wide range of spiritual practitioners.


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