Happy Odin Day!

Sometimes I do things that can be considered unorthodox. Hold your surprise, people who know me well. During Senut this morning I got a sudden, strong impulse to say “Hail Odin” since today IS Wednesday and I always try to give Him some acknowledgment on this day of the week. I made a comment about having a beer with Him this evening and got a clear feeling of “no, whiskey.” At first I thought No way, because among other things I have enough mundane work to do tonight that such a drink would not complement them.
I finished Shrine time then set about to breakfast and early morning internet crawling. Which is how I saw a facebook post from a friend saying “Happy 9/9/9!” A fellow Odinswoman, of course. Then it all hit me, a nice “ow” as the sun was coming up. Isn’t it funny how this date so nicely syncs up on the calendar?
A short time later, too, I had a thought. “Hey, didn’t I buy a small bottle of Jack Daniels a few months ago? I don’t think I ever drank it or used it either.” Sure enough, in the liquor cabinet I found that small bottle of whiskey, and promptly offered it to Himself.
Yes, there will be a shared shot tonight, along with some trance work and talking. Not to mention that today I am wearing a lot of blue and black, Odin oil blend from Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab, and my ever-present on Wednesdays valknut.

Hail Odin!


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