I am taking a brief pause from my academic schedule (first official homework due Sunday, at least it’s not too difficult) to drop a quick note here. Today I came home to the latest issue of Idunna, the quarterly journal of The Troth. It’s 81, which is a wonderful 9×9 and thus an issue all about Odin.
Which includes my poem I See. I’m now officially published!
It’s also turning into an odd reality check. Me, the woman who claimed for years and years to hate poetry and swore she never got it. And it’s what got my name in print. Hmm….

Hail Bragi! Hail Odin!


2 comments on “Published!

  1. Yay published!! We have that copy, thanks to Dver, but I didn’t know you had something in it. Will have to take a looksee.


  2. Congratulations on the published poem! As Jo mentioned, we got a copy of the issue from Dver, and I was mighty pleased to see your writing featured in it! šŸ™‚

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