Syncretism 101: Every day can be special

This is a post I’ve wanted to do for a while now. Several of my friends who are spiritually active and have close relationships to their Gods have mentioned reserving specific days to honor Them. I’ve been building such a schedule myself over the last two years. In that time a lot of the days have become well-established and have done a lot to strengthen my own spiritual bonds. I have also been toying with the idea of a primer, a “syncretism 101,” and this seems a good place to start.

What’s the point of such an activity? In addition to forging bonds, it also helps to establish a personal practice, discipline, and getting to know Them better. I also find that it helps me in my “regular” life to keep that connection even when it seems like life is conspiring to take it away.

There are practices that I do every day: Senut (purity permitting), yoga, soul alignment (from Feri tradition), and pulling a rune. The latter three have been part of my morning for so long I feel incomplete without them. I’d sooner go outside naked that not doing those things.

Further, each weekday has a specific focus for me. Some of them are traditional, some are not.
Monday: Wepwawet
Tuesday: Ezili Danto
Wednesday: Odin and Bragi
Thursday: Seshat
Friday: Asynjur
In Kemet, each week ran ten days, so our beginning day of the week would not match up to their calendar. No matter the structure though, I think Wepwawet likes the first day of the week. New beginning, new opening. On Mondays I like to sit in front of my senut shrine in the evening and having an informal chat with Dad… and usually a drink.
I haven’t really spoken about it here, but I have a much more than passing interest with Vodou. While I don’t do much for the lwa in general, Ezili Danto came out in a card reading I got from a mambo a few years ago. As soon as that happened I started lighting candles for her on her traditional day: Tuesday.
Wednesday is likely obvious. Woden’s Day, Onsdag in Swedish, it IS Odin’s Day. This year I’ve spent most Wednesdays doing some form of rune work and talking to Him when able. I also sometimes will spend some time with His son, the great Skald.
For the longest time, Thursday had no claim. I’ve never had a connection with Thor, so the obvious choice was out. The decision to make this day for Seshat was recent and not for any other reason than She’s my Beloved, very important, and ensures She gets at least one day a week of focused Senut. I might try to do more writing on those days too. This week Her day will come one day earlier. Tomorrow, by the House of Netjer’s ritual calendar, is Her festival. I can’t NOT celebrate!
Friday, we return to traditional definition of name days. Frigga or Freyja, who knows which of Them the day was originally named for. On this day I honor the goddesses: Frigga, Gunnlod, Idunna, Bestla, and Freyja.
Recently I’ve been toying with the idea of dedicating Saturdays to the wights and netjeri and Sundays to my ancestors. Maybe when the semester is over and I don’t have to worry about assignments I can do something for them.

In addition, when the moon is dark I turn my thoughts to Hekate.

I’ve been using my friend Dver’s suggestions for holy days as a guide to developing what I do on these days. I have jewelry specific for some of my Gods: jackal pendant, valknut, lots of amber, a key and lock necklace I bought for Hekate. It’s quite common for me to wear blue on Wednesdays. My collection of oils from Black Phoenix Alchemy Labs is still extensive enough that I have scents to fit the God of the day. Someday when I have more space for shrines, I’d like to develop them more fully and have the area around them fit for my sitting and doing Work.

Do you do something similar, whether you practice one or many traditions? I know a few of my friends have developed their own schedules. If you have, feel free to comment.

(And thank you Tahekerutaset for giving me the nudge to finally write this post.)


2 comments on “Syncretism 101: Every day can be special

  1. This looks really great! I need to post about my own weekly and monthly schedule of holy days again soon, since mine have changed a bit since I first started observing them. I first got the idea of wearing special jewelry, colors and perfume for different People on Their respective days from Dver, too. 🙂

  2. I like this, it flows together nicely. And every day should be special, so this is a good way of making it so. 🙂

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