Today’s celebration

Pagan Blog Prompts asks about Samhain this week. I’m not a Celt in my practices, but I’m celebrating the holiday anyway. The Aesir seem to like it.

Any specific plans for this year?
This afternoon I will be going to my friend T’s house and our friend H is coming over as well. We have a few things planned. While the sun is still up we’ll be doing some shamanic healing work. Later, when it gets dark, we’re doing a ritual and pathworking to Hekate and having a dumb supper. None of us have done the supper before and I’m so curious to see what may happen.
I’ve never really done a large amount of ritual for the day in the past, but I do always try to do *something* for my ancestors since I started honoring them. The day isn’t one marked in Heathen tradition normally, but this is also the time for Winternights. The tradition in the northeast is to honor the alfar/male ancestors at this time of year.
This autumn has been very nice here. The trees are showing vibrant colors again, thanks to how wet it was during the summer. They’re also turning in waves. Sometimes you can see several trees of the same species together but each is at a different point of color change. From still green, to bright yellow, to dropping leaves, all in a small space. I feel very in tune with the energy, feeling the transition from hot to colder, preparing for the cold upcoming.

How do you meld current cultural practices with your own rituals and practices, concerning Halloween/Samhain?
Focusing on the Heathen side is what I do right now. The AEsir are definitely more present right now and there are no major Kemetic festivals until Mysteries of Wesir in a few weeks. This week I’ve been getting pinged to get to know Bragi and Idunna better, and my namesake has been on my radar. I rarely pick up on the long-dead, so that’s been a wonderful but unusual experience.
Hm, I don’t think I’ve thought about the potential overlap in timing between the Mysteries and Halloween until just now. I also don’t connect much with Wesir which may have some bearing on that. The next few weeks might turn out to be quite interesting indeed.

Happy Halloween/Samhain/Dia de los Muertos everyone!


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