Start your week with some news

Happy Monday everyone. My semester is quickly coming to a close, and it has been much less painful than the last one. But school still claims the majority of my time and brain power. So today I shall share a few news items I’ve recently collected.

First, from Dave Haxton, a story about Day of the Skulls in Bolivia. Beloved indigenous holiday and that Catholic church isn’t too thrilled about it. I’m coming to believe that syncretism is as natural for humans as veneration of the dead. Certainly many spiritual practices would have died out had they not been adapted into new belief systems as they were introduced (or forced) on to people.

Second, from a few sources, an amazing archaeological find from Denmark depicting a figure in a high seat. At first it’s thought to be Odin… until someone noted that the figure is wearing a DRESS. Valgrind noticed that the only person allowed to sit in Odin’s high seat, Hildskjalf, is Frigga. Perhaps this is Her, or Freyja, or an Odin-dedicated seidhkona. No matter who she is, I hope someone makes copies at some point because I would love one.

Finally, an article I found a few weeks ago and didn’t save the source. Be lucky: it’s an easy skill to learn gives both good advice and is also very much in line with the concept of hamingja. I haven’t had time to dig up additional material to develop it. Instead, I present it as is and suggest you try it if you feel your luck is waning or worse than you want it to be.

In book news, I am back to reading Hedge-Rider by Eric de Vries. In lieu of possibly writing a review later, I will note that I’ve been enjoying this take on witchcraft very much. Rather than a spell guide, the Hedge here refers to the witches who walked the boundary of the wild and civilization. Drawing on Germanic mythology and folklore, de Vries makes a case for medieval witches (yes, the kind you find in Inquisition “confessions”) belonging to that culture and regularly journeyed to the Underworld and worked closely with their fylgia. This belongs on your shelf next to your copy of Witches, Werewolves and Fairies.

I hope you all have a good week!


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