I’m having an odd case of writer’s block. Many ideas coming about, a few posts started, nothing completed. Very frustrating. I hate the idea of having a blog and never updating it with original content. In the meantime I’m going to work on smaller posts and finishing them.

So for a short summing up of the past month:
*I’ve completed another semester of grad school. It feels weird sometimes because my degree program is more technical than intellectual.
*Woo has been disappointingly low for a while. Some of it is that I put school first, the rest, I do not know.
*Rune work continues, in fact I finish Taking Up the Runes this month. The work of othala and dagaz currently feels like it is about bring home everything and getting me ready for the next step. Perfectly apt. I’d say I am now a rune journeywoman, somewhere beyond apprentice, nowhere near master. Yet.
*Pulling together a Yule ritual for this weekend. More on that after it happens.
*In the midst of a cleansing period. What started as my frustration at a pile of paper on Friday morning morphed into some major house cleaning then spiritual cleaning. The spiritual is still happening. Every night I have vivid dreams, but of the kind that have come to be dubbed “brain purge.” My psyche seems to feel the need to dump yet another load of old stuff it no longer needs and should no longer bother me.

Happy Yule, Moomass, Hannukah, and Merry Christmas everyone.


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