Yuletide 2009

Tonight is Mothernights, Yule Eve. Yesterday I was due to have a Yule ritual with two friends of mine, but we canceled due to all the “sky is falling” warnings, aka winter storm warnings. Of course the snow didn’t start until after we would have finished, and as of 8am Sunday morning we have about four inches. This is nothing for New Englanders, even if people seem to forget every year how to properly drive in snow. I do confess that I hope more snow falls during the day. I LIKE snow, especially when I don’t have to go out in it. It’s also a good setting for the personal work I hope to accomplish today.

2009 has been an interesting year. Spiritually, I’ve done a study of the elder futhark, and now feel like I have some basic sense of how the runes really work. There’s still much to be done there, but the foundation is truly set. I’ve kept up this blog, not as much as I would like, but I HAve done it. Did my first ever Pagan presentation at Pantheacon and it went better than I could have hoped. Attended my second House of Netjer Retreat, where Sekhmet gave me hope like I’ve never had before in life, and Hethert completely undid me with Her bath.

Next year I am NOT undertaking any new study. Instead it will be time to deepen understanding I already have and explore some things that have been waiting in the sidelines for far too long. My focus needs to be redeveloped, it’s not what it has been.

For the two people who may not have heard, I will not be on the official Pantheacon schedule in February. Plans are underway to potentially have my discussion happen anyway. Stay tuned.

What are you all doing for the season? There’s also a minor Kemetic festival for the solstice called Return of the Distant Goddess (Hethert) which has been nicknamed Moomas in the House.

Finally, I will share the Tarot card a friend of mine drew for me at the beginning of the year and was my oracle. Nine of air, nightmares and illusions. I think it fit. This past year has had some very good and some very bad areas. I survived them all. Some of my friends have already fired the year, but I think I will just let it stand as it is.

Oh, I also just noticed my post before this was entitled Yuletide. Apologies. I have no ideas for another title though.


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