A question for the masses

For those of you who work full time or close to it, and also have a lot of spiritual practices you do on a regular basis, how do you balance them out? What do you do on a daily basis and what occurs less than daily?

I ask because I find myself in a bit of a quandry. There are certain tasks I like to accomplish on a daily basis. Unfortunately the list is now large enough that I can only give small amounts of time to each. It no longer feels very productive when I am at a point where I want to give these things more amounts of time. Doing little bits of 15 minutes here and there is great when you want to get into the swing of certain things. It doesn’t feel like it’s enough time for me to really make it effective. To add to it, school starts up for me again the last week of this month.

Here’s what I usually do/want to do when I get home from work:
online time talking to people

It doesn’t seem like a lot, but considering I am not a late night person it gets compressed easily. So now I am thinking of declaring days either body days or spirit days. Friday evenings are generally “off” save for my offerings to the Asynjur. Incidentally, for those who recall my days devoted to specific deities, I will keep doing that, but it does not always require a chunk of time in the evenings. I always do something for Them in Their mornings, even if it’s just saying hi and wearing specific jewelry.

Perhaps my point in all this is just me wondering if I might be sacrificing my spiritual work somehow if I do something like this. There is an option for me to not have every day of the week declared the same week after week. (Though Thursdays will remain my night for yoga class. Two years into the practice and not about to change it.)

I’m also thinking about declaring a few hours on Sundays to be writing time. There are too many ideas in my head I want to get out. I just need more time in one go to accomplish this.


4 comments on “A question for the masses

  1. Full time work is so much fun, wee!!!

    I find that if I want to get that much done that, yes, I have to split it up like that, too. Lately, I haven’t been as strict and focused as I’d like to be, but my schedule would be similar. The difference, for me, is that if I want to get writing in, I have to do it before work, otherwise it never gets done.

    Exercise (yoga, for me, or walking) lends itself to meditation quite well, so I can often piggyback meditation onto one of the others. Reading and homework I’d likely do on different days, when possible.

    I think you’re on to a good thing here, though. 🙂 Good luck!

  2. To me, I always find the spiritual in everything, even when I have a profoundly shitty day. Time for the spirits doesn’t always take a lot of pageantry, at least not to me. Murmuring prayers under my breath as I work, scrawling down notes to the gods and spirits and burning them in the parking lot, standing in a bathroom stall for five minutes if I want to do something with more privacy. Anpu enjoys clove cigarette offerings so, if I’m particularly busy, I’ll say a prayer and smoke one on the way to work. Yeah, it may not be glamorous or pretty, but it works. I guess the question you should ask yourself is how you can turn something mundane into something not.

  3. I’m in the process of trying to work this out for myself, since I not only work full time but *very* full time, and can’t even count of getting out of work at the same time everyday. With the combination of having a desk job and being a writer, the physical side has been languishing, so I need to start to force myself to do yoga several times a week (for the sake of my fibro) whether I want to or not. Unfortunately, I haven’t yet found a good balance for dividing up my time between spiritual work, writing, reading, craft projects, herbal studies, and keeping in touch with friends. It seems something always falls short.

  4. I totally understand how you feel. Between a full time job with a 24hr on-call component, a wife, and a very demanding 4mo old baby I feel like I have to scrape time together to do anything spiritual at all! I’ve pretty much declared my nightly devotions untouchable, even if its only for 10-30 mins a night. I’ve also tried to bring the sacred into my work place by setting up a little mini-altar at my desk and setting aside some time for prayer/contemplation during lunch hour (I can only wonder what my co-workers must think). I feel it’s just a question of fitting in whenever I can, and I also feel that I’m approaching the bare minimum of what I would like.

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