What would you like to see?

Today’s mantra is this:
3.5 weeks.
Five assignments.
One final.
Then I can climb out of this hole.
I can do this.

May should be fun. Valborg/Beltaine will happen, I’ll go on vacation to see my best friend, and I will get to come down from the semester. Thankfully this one has not been nearly as bad as last spring. It still has been an uphill battle in one class, which I am finally wrapping my head around and comprehending the material.
I also look forward to having time to blog again. There are some posts waiting to be written, and at least one I hope to get up this month. But I feel like I am running a little light in material, in part because I am not doing as much active spiritual work as I have in the past.
So I ask you, dear readers, is there anything you would like to see me tackle here? I do have at least one other syncretism 101 post I want to do, but honestly not sure what you all would like to see on that front. Please, suggest away. Prompts, questions, my personal history, go for it.

Incidentally, if you find yourself jonesing for my writing in general, I have a second blog about food called I Believe in Butter where I post once a week.


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