The new Hex is here!

Yes indeed, last night I received issue 6 of the amazing Hex magazine in the mail.
The magazine brought a nice surprise too, when looking through the contributors. First, my dear friend and sister in Odhroerir fellowship, Valgrind, has an article about creating a nine herbs garden. Secondly, I discovered photos of Dawn and Nils from Faun Fables! The band itself is hard to pigeonhole but tends to fall under the umbrella of freak folk. In any case they make some amazing music and I highly recommend them. Nils is also known as one of the core members of Sleepytime Gorilla Museum, another band worth checking out.

I can’t wait to dive into this issue.


2 comments on “The new Hex is here!

  1. Testing your comment form… and will say here too, that I was excited about all the same things you were in that issue. It’s really a fantastic magazine, and I’m not even heathen!

  2. It works!
    I really hope FF comes around this way again, something tells me I would have a lot of fun at the show.

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