Valborg blessings

Happy Valborg everyone! Tonight I will be celebrating with my two local ritual partners, and we’re breaking in a new fire pit in the process.
Tomorrow is also the second birthday of my little blog here. Huzzah! To celebrate, I’ve updated the theme (again) and also redone the About Me page. This includes a recent revelation which came to me relating to a lot of my practices and world views. Where once I would have used 5-6 words to try to explain a lot of what I do, it hit me that two simple words could sum things up. Hedge witch.
I’ve also updated the working of the feed, to only show previews of posts, as well as comments. You no longer need a WordPress account to leave one, but anonymous comments are still not allowed.

Thank you everyone who’s been reading. If you have a blog and link to me, please let me know? Also, if you do link, please updte the name to Syncretic Mystic. I’ve found a few recently which I am checking out, now that I have some time again. There may be some updates to the blog roll for this.

I’m also thinking that I may start posting more personal experiences here. For years, I have posted them under a filter to my personal online journal. Some things are still not meant to be share with the general public but I’d like to get more dialogue going and potentially develop my writing into bigger projects. It’s time to open up some more.


2 comments on “Valborg blessings

  1. I like the term “hedge witch” a lot. If I didn’t already feel that “spiritworker” defined me very well…

    I would love to see you write about more personal experiences here!

  2. Hedge witch definitely fits better for me, especially with all the boundary Gods and mysteries. And Stuff keeps happening that has me wondering why it took so long for me to figure out.

    And I do want to get back to talking more about experiences. It also implies having them. 🙂

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