Walk in beauty, run in freedom

I never knew you when you were alive, which is a shame. I got a card from you once when I offered a small amount of help to you from a distance. I’m not a part of your tradition, but I use tools from your tradition on a daily basis.
And yet…
Ten days after you died you visited me in my sleep. There is no doubt in my mind that it was indeed a visit. We were in a living room, two of your students also present, and I could sense the spirit of your late husband floating up around the ceiling. I will never forget what happened. You took my face in your hands (I guess you still felt connected to your physical form enough to do so), looked me straight in the eyes, and said “You will get what you are looking for.”
I still can’t believe you said that. I trust in your words. If only someone could give me some idea of when….
Your words give me hope. They give me strength. They give me joy.
Hopefully you don’t mind me honoring you among my beloved dead. Maybe someday you’ll visit again. I hope so.

I also hope you liked the tart I got you for Valborg/Beltane. I couldn’t find a small pie in enough time.

Walk in beauty,

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