Do you work with a familiar?

I’m looking for people who actively work with familiars, either spirit of physical, in their witchcraft. If you are such a person or know one, I’d love to talk with you. All anonymous comments need to be approved by me before they show up publicly, so you can leave contact information that way.


6 comments on “Do you work with a familiar?

  1. Define familiar. Do you necessarily mean an animal in physical or spirit form (as people often mean by the term), or could it be another sort of spirit that is extremely close and helps the witch, but may take other sorts of forms sometimes, like Tibb in Daughters of the Witching Hill? If that fits, then yes, I do.

  2. Not perhaps as active as I could be, but I do essentially consider the spirit of my beloved cat who has stayed with me after she died something of a familiar.

    I don’t often encounter her, but when I do it’s generally because I’m doing Oracular Seidh work, or otherwise working with the dead.


  3. Yeah, I was thinking the same as Dver’s comments above. In any case, I’d fit both definitions. Cynanthropos(at)gmail is my email, but I will be notoriously slow this week due to work.

  4. Thank you everyone for the replies. Once I am done with my summer class (next week!) I will start making contact and looking forward to getting to know a few of you.

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