Musings on a number

Today is my birthday and I am now 36. It’s always an… interesting time of year for me. July has been a month where some wonderful, wonderful things have happened to me, and also some of the worst. By this point it’s almost a given that the closer I come to my birthday, the more my mood inevitably shifts into something which is not as jovial as a Leo should be when her birthday is coming close. Then add to that the fact that the Kemetic year is at its end and falling apart. Dear Gods do I feel it the longer I am a shemsu.
Thankfully, the only bad thing to happen this month has been sleeping poorly and a cold, but that didn’t mean the dread was not present. Temporal memory is a very interesting thing, and again reminds me of the reality of being tuned in to cycles. Whenever I get frustrated because I don’t seem to be attuned to such things, I have months like this to remind me that I AM, for good or ill. My cycles just are on a bit more of a macro scale.
I’ve also been having issues for months with my senses and being able to hear Unseen things and perceive them. This was likely a reaction to all the stress from one of my spring classes, but even with it being done for months and my actively doing daily practice, getting anything like that has been minimal. It’s really depressing for me when this happens, especially when I don’t know what else I can do to mend. In the last 24 hours though, things actually are starting to come back. I don’t know why, but I am not going to question it. Perhaps it’s just some kind of cosmic birthday present. May it continue to improve!

This past year of Djehuty and doing with wisdom has been quite something. It certainly hasn’t been a shiny happy year, but it has been a GOOD year. I’ve done a lot more than I ever though I would. I have come into my own even more. I have overcome my fears with expressing love for people. I’ve learned. May these things continue into the next year, no matter Who is over it.

What’s on tap for this next year? Hopefully some of these things:
*Graduating with my Master’s in library science
*Finding a new job which will let me use said learning
*Submit an essay for the devotional.
*Attending both Pantheacon and Changing Times Changing Worlds.
*Get somewhere on a few of the goals I mentioned early this year. (Amun-Ra? Who?)
*Hosting my first House of Netjer event and doing it well

Perhaps with my summer class also wrapping up in a week I can finally turn back to some of the posts I’ve been meaning to make for weeks. Where is the time when I really want more of it?

Happy Lammas/Lughnasadh/Freyfaxi/Wep Ronpet everyone!
Much love.


3 comments on “Musings on a number

  1. Thank you both! Beth, I figured your new job is swamping you. We need to catch up at some point.

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