Happy birthday Wesir!

Today we enter the intercalary days, those days which do not belong to any year. The days which Djehuty won from Khonsu so Nut could bear Her children despite Ra’s declaration.
Nut’s first-born son is Wesir (known in Greek as Osiris) and today we celebrate His birth. Foremost of Westerners, King of the Duat. I confess I do not know Him well at all, but as I’ve heard He is very quiet normally this does not surprise me.
This morning in shrine, I burned incense I thought He might like (patchouli, and Dad likes it too) and recited a short litany for Wesir. This is the first year since joining the House where I am a) doing shrine on a daily basis and b) not attending Retreat. Since I cannot share the festivities with my brothers and sisters I want to do something to mark the days. I am also going to try to do a short blog post each day for each God’s birthday.

I plan to take it as easy as I can this week. Somehow I will manage even though I have my final assignment due for my summer class later this week. I refuse to push myself too much, since this can be a week of strangeness, a time outside of time.

Dua Wesir!


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