Happy birthday Heru-Wer!

Oh Bonebreaker, today is Your birthday. I offered the cinnamon incense you seem to love, but NO, 6.15 in the morning is Too Early For Rum!
You have to wait until I come home from class tonight for that treat.

Heru started visiting me in early 2008, during the Bawy year. I’d often sit in shrine (which I did then only once a week) and get something of a negative image with my eyes closed. In this case it was a hawk head. It happened a lot. Mind you I was going through the upheaval to end my upheavels, and when Set started to also show Himself that way, I figured it was Them peeking in on someone in Their year who needed Their guardianship.
Heru never really went away for me though. Quiet, to be sure, but not away. During the Sekhmet baths at Retreat last year, I had a chat with Him about some things which had happened over the week and how to deal with him. Before that, He’d been holding audiences with people present. I merely wanted to sit next to Him while this was happening, and He agreed.
I have since asked for His help in various situations and He has come through. Sometimes I suspect He’s becoming a new Beloved but I have no desire at this stage to get the divination done. This isn’t stopping me from wearing the Heru necklace I got at Pantheacon earlier this year. For some reason I am very picky about images for Him, and do not want any with a double crown (worn by Heru-sa-Aset). This necklace is a hawk-headed man with no crown. I also use it as an icon while I am on the quest for a good statue.

Thanks for being around Heru. I’ve really come to like You a lot.


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