Happy birthday Aset!

Happy birthday Aset!
Mother of Heru
Weret Hekau (Great of Magic)
Lady of the West

You Whom I’ve known longer than almost all the Names, save for the Jackal. You Who gave me comfort when I reached out to you a decade ago. You, Who demand much and give so much as well. Later this evening I will be giving You wine, as this morning I split time between my personal shrine and Yours. (Incidentally, my Aset shrine is much bigger than my main shrine space. I still find amusement in this.)

Since I’ve been lax in doing so until now, let me share my story from Aset Luminous last month.

I again went beachside with T to celebrate. Unlike last year, the day was quite grey, though dry save for a quick sprinkle on the way to the beach. I picked up some offerings at the farmer’s market and we bought lunch at a corner market before making our way to the location.

We went to the same inlet as before, which was calmer than it had been the previous year, and started to set up the shrine. Out came the statue, chalice, incense, boats we’d made, and gathered offerings from the shore.

When I had the paper out to start the ritual, that’s when the big drops started to fall from the sky. Quickly. Which turned into “how fast can we clean this up and get to the pavillion?” It was not quick enough because we got a nice soaking. It wasn’t torrential though and did feel very cleansing. So instead of ritual first, we had our lunch first and chatted, then when the skies cleared headed back to our spot. The ritual went off well and we were able to set our boats in the water. The candles would not stay lit and they sank after a few minutes but we got them on open water. I also found a dead crab floating in the water, which I took as an omen as we were in solar Cancer.

Which brings me to the bigger point. Water. Water, which comes up in the oracle for this coming year. I will be posting a link later when there is one up for the public. Water has been the element which I’ve worked with an understood the least. I’m very much a fire person, who’s also quite grounded and too often stuck in her head. Thus, all the elements save one. For several months I have been slowly getting acclimated to the idea of more water in my life, and there’s still much to be done on that front. May I continue to learn of water, of hydration, emotions, tides, boundaries. And may I get my body into a lake or the ocean before the month ends.

Dua Aset!


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