Happy birthday Nebt-Het!

Happy birthday to you, Lady of the House, Friend of the Dead, Divine Sister.
Or, what I really sang for you this morning. (Imti, if you see this, I hope you don’t kill me.)

In a sense, Nebt-het is a Beloved of mine, as She’s so closely linked with Seshat and Nit. I know things about her, and I’ve learned about Her from Her kids, but my experience with Her until this morning was nearly non-existent. Apparently my offering of Iris incense went over well and She was THERE. Overwhelmingly there. It reminded me of what Hemet said about Her at Retreat two years ago. We were discussing the Tripe-Aspected and ways to explain Them. She said this:
“Seshat takes no side. Nebt-het has no side. Nit IS the side.”
Nebt-het has no side and thus She seems to SPILL OUT EVERYWHERE. I say this with this utmost respect. For a time this morning there was nothing in my reality save for Her. Maybe it’s a good thing I did not get Coke and Chee-tos for Her as well.

Dua Nebt-het!
The next time I post, it will be a near year. Nekhtet!


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