Feathers for Amun-Ra

I mentioned at the start of this year that one of my spiritual goals was to find out why Wepwawet and Aset had introduced me to Amun-Ra last October. Periodically during this year I’d ponder why this might be and what I could do to possibly figure out.
This past weekend I hosted a gathering for Wag festival, attended by both members of the House of Netjer, and a few of my local friends. It was a success beyond what i could have hoped, incidentally. On Friday, we (a smaller group than we had on Saturday) went to the Pequot Museum. On the drive back to my home, Shefyt and I were talking in the car about my Amun-Ra “situation” again, as He is one of her Beloveds. What she suggested was a craft project for an offering: a “string” with feathers tied on to it. I also mentioned something I had read recently about Amun-Ra being more audible when you got on your face*. When I mentioned this, Shefyt said that this would be a likely “place” to find Amun-Ra for me. Wepwawet children are notoriously informal. The idea of making this gesture for Anyone had me almost balking. But I decided that I would try anyway, if it would bring me an answer. I had decided on something of a whim to engage in the project today… then discovered that, by the Kemetic Orthodox calendar, today is a feast day for Amun. Plus, Opet Festival, aka Beautiful Feast of the Valley, will commence next week. It seemed timing was on my side.

On Sunday I purchased a small bag of feathers and a length of blue** suede thong to tie the feathers. As I was preparing, I washed up, changed into white clothing, and got out my copy of the Prayer Book to check for Amun prayers. I found one relating to Zep Tepi, the theme of this year (and I will blog about this soon!) and decided it would be a good move to place the feathers on the Year shrine, since the shrine itself is for All Gods and No Gods this year.

Incidentally, the process of knotting took 20 minutes. You would think that just wrapping some thong around the shaft of a feather would be quick. It’s not, especially when it’s not something you normally do. I’m also not the kind of woman who does crafts of this sort either. Again, with the theme of doing and experiencing things outside my usual zone. While I was knotting, I lit the candle in the shrine and also offered up some jasmine incense to Amun-Ra. When I finished making my project, I put it on the shrine and placed myself in full henu, asking that Amun-Ra accept my offerings. I stayed in henu for a few minutes, when I finally got a second of “this is acceptable for a first try.”
And I can live with that.

Interestingly, an hour later, while I was doing my daily Reiki retreat, I picked up on Amun-Ra again. He is the Lord over that which is Unseen, as well as that which is Revealed. THAT is why He was introduced to me, and I to Him. There is still too much Unseen in my life. It seems He is going to (hopefully) help reveal it.

Dua Amun-Ra!

*The gesture of full henu, with the arms upraised like the woman here, only kneeling and bowing to the floor.
**Amun is often depicted as a blue god, as it is the color of lapis and He IS Father of the Gods.


2 comments on “Feathers for Amun-Ra

  1. *g*
    If you were to do it again, I’d suggest goose feathers if you can get them (I’ve offered Canadian goose feathers before with decent results)…mostly because the feathers you have there are from a very common breed of chicken, the barred rock 😉

    (Not saying it isn’t nice; I like it a lot, but He can sometimes have a stick you know where…)

  2. I could get to like your Father, Weshebut, but yeah I would agree with you. This is why the comment of it being acceptable still amuses me.

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