Magical reading

Signs I am coming to the end of my graduate school experience: the workload is getting heavier but I can count down the time to graduation in MONTHS.

Unfortunately it means my time to write anything for myself is minimized, and most of that writing has been with ink and paper. Even then I don’t seem to get enough of that time.

I’ve also been stressed like mad for a week because I got hit with malware at both home and work, and the stress also set off a massive sinus explosion. That’s taking some time to clear up too, but does prove that my reaction to stress is to get sick. It’s about the only time I will get sick now.

That doesn’t stop it from being October, the month of Hallows and Samhain. I may not hold to Celtic tides but I’ve never been able to resist Halloween. Plus, I am loving autumn more and more as I get older. Something about transition times. Suppose that makes sense for someone devoted to boundary gods and mysteries.

I’ve also been wanting to read more magical fiction. Not so much urban fantasy or fantastical otherworlds, but magic happening in this Seen world we know. Thankfully my friend Mary, author of the AMAZING Daughters of the Witching Hill, has posted some of her recommendations for historical magical fiction. I intend to have a lot of fun digging into this list, and hope some of you find new things to read as well.


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