12 nights of Yule: fehu and uruz

Happy Yule eve! I have a candle burning and have made offerings to the rune wights, which is something I do on the solar holidays. The year is ending and I can safely slow down. I need it. This year has been quite full.

While my spiritual life is still rather quiet, I have kept up with my outward expressions of faith. One of them is a tradition of journaling during the 12 nights of Yule. Valgrind came up with these questions a few years ago, and I’ve been rather faithful about writing about them. This year I’ve decided to make them public, in an effort to put me back in the habit of blogging.

Fehu: How has abundance manifested in my life this year?

Has abundance manifested in my life this year? I feel like I have dropped some with handling my finances due to a shift in the way I am paid. While I am still receiving the same amount of money, it doesn’t seem to go as far. I can still cover my bills and keep myself fed well, so I suppose it’s not that bad. I’ve also had an abundance of good grades this year. I love that one!

I do have an abundance of friends, and family, and luck, and opportunities.

Uruz: Where is my strength?

My strength manifests in my determination, and stubbornness, and not letting any obstacle stand in my way. I accomplished a LOT this year, including things I never thought I’d be able to do again. Somehow I did it though.
I have my driver’s license again. Over 17 years after turning it in voluntarily*, I can get behind the wheel of a car, not feel nervous, and get myself places. I made it through five classes, with only short breaks in between them. Classes which tested the extent of my desire to continue grad school. A few times I seriously considered dropping out. To this day I am amazed that I stuck through it all. Nothing can stand in my way of what I want, so long as I want it enough.

Happy Midwinter, and happy eclipse too! I plan to sleep through it.

*I had it, got into two bad accidents which were technically my fault, and in both cases the car I drove got totaled. After the second accident I was too spooked to drive again.


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