12 nights of Yule: thurisaz and ansuz

Did any of you see the eclipse? I happily slept through it. These day, sound sleep is more precious to me than most anything in my waking life. Tomorrow is my last day of work for this year. Today’s rune is jera, and I feel that turning of seasons once again.

Thurisaz: What obstacles stand in my way?

Fewer and fewer it would seem. I am driving again, which means I am not dependent solely on buses, taxis, or the generosity of friends and family. I’ve been sending out resumes for new jobs, which has the potential for my moving and (hopefully) having a more stable financial life. So perhaps the biggest obstacle is feeling like I am stuck in my current life situation and can only do so much to change it right now. I know enough to not force that change, but it’s also frustrating to feel trapped to a certain degree.

Ansuz: What inspires me? How do I inspire others?

My biggest inspiration now is living. Going out, DOING and EXPERIENCING.

For inspiring others, I still feel like a muse. As in my presence stimulates people creatively. This is no exaggeration, either. I’ve had plenty of people say very similar things about me. Aside from that I do try to live my life just as much as possible and not be afraid to try different things, and serve as a living example that so much is possible.


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