12 nights of Yule: gebo and wunjo

Gebo: What gifts have I given and received?

It’s the day before Christmas eve. I am not about to talk about physical gifts. I do regularly give those, and receive some nice ones as well. I have people who are there for me. I have people I can support when they need someone. I listen. I advise. I hug. I get those things too from a few select people.

Wunjo: What has brought me joy?

Live music. Seeing Faith No More 20 years after I first became fascinated by the band, and being within 10 feet of Mike Patton on stage, and let’s not forget meeting an internet friend from Europe that night as well.
Travel. Good grades. My family. All the people I love. Art. Museum visits. Delicious food right and left. Performing shrine regularly. Remembering who I am. Improving my health. Living, instead of simply existing.


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