12 nights of Yule: raidho and kenaz

This would have happened last night, truly. Instead I went to belly dance class, which went longer than usual due to much chatting… and some actual practice. I needed the social time though and it was nice to be there.

Raidho: What journeys (either literal or spiritual) have I made this year?

On the literal front, I did not travel quite as much as I normally do in a year. I made my usual trips to California and Florida. I attended Changing Times, Changing Worlds in November. I went to several House of Netjer gatherings, and hosted my first one. I went to Boston just to see Pearl Jam, and NYC for a Faith No More show. Given how I feel about those bands, I think those trips can count as akin to spiritual experiences.
Spiritual journeys were definitely lacking. With school being kicked into higher gear, my spiritual life took a back seat. I keep turning to look at it in the back there and wishing hard for it to come to the front. That’s not likely to happen anytime before May. School HAS to be my priority, and it’s only so much longer until that part of my life is done and I can take the next steps. In its own way, this is a spiritual journey, in the sense of learning to prioritize. No I cannot really do everything, no matter how much I want to. Life is about cycles. Now is the cycle of concrete learning.

Kenaz: What have I crafted?

I made a special cross-stitch for my niece’s birthday this year. It took most of the year too, because I had long periods of not having time to work on it.
It’s funny how one thing dominates the year… since again, I crafted more of my education. I crafted my writing further, became better at expressing myself verbally. Those words were all forged in a lot of effort, sweat, and yes, tears.
I continue to craft myself, ultimately. Pieces fall away which are unnecessary. I step more into myself, and stand up for myself, and I know what I will and will not accept from the world.


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