12 nights of Yule: eihwaz and perthro

Eihwaz: What initiations have I experienced?

At first I thought I had been through none, save for all the trials of this year being posed as initiations. Then I remembered the most obvious: I am a Reiki master. I’ve gone through all the atunements, have received all the symbols in the original Usui lineage and have access to those mysteries. A long term plan of mine is to study further and hopefully start a semi-regular practice on people who are not myself. I originally received my first degree in September of 1999, and completed the cycle in November 2010. 11 years. I think it is safe to say I took enough time to do it!

Perthro: What preparations have I made for the coming year?

FINALLY, a question in which I can discuss something which is not the same as five previous runes.
On the mundane front, I have my last two classes. To be fair, one class, and one original research project. Then I will have my master’s degree. I’ve also started applying for new jobs since I will soon be fully eligible for full librarian positions. I’m applying in different geographic areas as well as outside of my specific work field. Each resume I send out gets a little easier and I doubt less if I am qualified for a position. If I am not, I will not hear back. It’s also quite likely that I am underestimating my skills and could find myself in a position into which I can GROW. The idea of doing so is quite exciting.
On the spiritual side, this coming year is hopefully going to be a year of doing things differently. First, I am going to focus on Gods and spirits who have been around for a while but Who have not received the attention from me which I need to give. There’s continuing with Amun-Ra, Nebt-het and I getting to know each other, and I got a message (via Tarot) from Wepwawet this morning that if I want some things I will need to work with Aset. I also want to focus on some of the Aesir I don’t actively work with as much, and for the moment I am thinking about Bragi and Idunna, and perhaps Bestla/Perchta/Frau Holle. There’s also Hekate and my familiar. I ask for T/them to both be patient with me and yank me into Work as much as needed.


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