12 nights of Yule: hagalaz and nauthiz.

Now all the celebrations have passed. My mother still celebrates Christmas, and since I am not in a place in my life where I can do everything on Yule, I do as well. Someday I hope to take up Thorn’s challenge and fully return the day back to the Christians. They have their time, we have ours, it all works out.

How apt that tonight’s postings start with Hel’s aett, as I listen to the howling winds of the Wild Hunt pass by further. I don’t know yet how much snow has fallen, so this may qualify as a blizzard.

Hagalaz: What upheavals have I dealt with?

Have I not spoken of these enough? The class in the spring which caused me torment and made me question whether I had any business being in grad school? The viruses and malware I was hit with multiple times this year and the resulting prolonged anxiety attack this fall? The Unseen world still so quiet to me? Still wondering if I will ever manage the basics of the personal life I want for myself?

Still I sit here. Still I will wake up tomorrow. Still there will be chances for change.

Nauthiz: What do I need?

I continue to craft a life based more in voluntary simplicity for myself. Periodically I extract myself from the wanting of STUFF around* and to enjoy what I have now and not worrying so much.
I need the roof over head. I need clothing which fits. I need food which nourishes me. I need people who nourish me.
I have these things. Far too many people do not. I give thanks for having these things on a near daily basis.
I feel rather Buddhist in these kind of thoughts. I extract myself from suffering caused by want for things I don’t have. It’s such a difficult thing to do and yet so easy once you fully embrace it.
I refuse to become trapped by consumer culture.
Nor will I be trapped by the longing for the Unseen world to come back into my life as it once was. If it happens, it happens. If it does not just yet, well, I’ve managed the distance for some time now. I can handle another day.

*and other times I am seized by a fit of WANTING MORE BOOKS. But that’s another story.


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