12 nights of Yule: Isa and Jera

Isa: Where do I need to slow down, show more caution?

This is a good question, especially because I cannot find a clear answer within myself. I’ve become a great deal more cautious in my dealings with the world, and have also put up more barriers to keep away the unwanted in my life.
Sometimes I am too cautious though, in areas where I should NOT be cautious and be willing to take on the challenges and the unknown. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if I could just flip those things in my psyche and proceed forward from that moment?

Jera: What have I harvested?

I’ve harvested a LOT in my video game this year! (Rune Factory Frontier, for those wondering. Part of the game includes tilling fields.) Anything else, I am not sure. This is the first question that has stumped me. If there has been any harvesting, it’s continued harvest from many years of work.
Maybe the next year will reveal more for me to reap.


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