12 nights of Yule: Elhaz and Sowilo

The Hunt has been riding extremely hard this evening. I keep giving thanks for having such a solid house, even so I think some of those breezes could cut right through.

Algiz/Elhaz: How do I ward myself?

I go in cycles of performing magical protection for myself. Often the cycles are on when I am feeling like I need them. This may not be the best way to go about doing so, since too much junk can get in before I put up those protections.
One good thing I got from Changing Times, Changing Worlds was the workshop on warding. I got some ideas for making more permanent wards on my space, and they work!
The real key is to remember to perform this protection

Sowilo: What insights have come to me?

Have there been any which stick out? No. I receive them periodically. Whether they be for an assignment in the works, or something happening at work, or some puzzle of my inner life, I get them, and I use them.


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