12 nights of Yule: Tiwaz and Berkano

Tiwaz: What victories have I achieved?

Oh goodness, now I am really going to feel like a broken record. Overcoming all the computer problems, all the stress of school this year. My GPA is still high and I can still do my job. This alone feels like a major victory.
I haven’t let the day to day stresses and annoyances bring me down. Well, not too much, not in the long term. That is what counts.

Berkano: What in me has died this year? What has been born?

I am slowly (VERY slowly) losing my need to control everything in my life. It’s not easy, because I hate feeling like things are out of my control. I can only seem to take so much swaha out of my yoga classes.
Despite that control, my patience has definitely been born to a new level. Sometimes I need to control, sometimes I am just fine with waiting and having to depend on others. I’ve also had some more confidence come about. Something about the process of applying for jobs has made me realize that I am indeed competent and able to do more than I previously imagined. This is taking a definite level of adjustment.


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