12 nights of Yule: Laguz and Ingwaz

Have any of you made resolutions or goals for next year? I’m thinking about it but have no clear ideas yet. Inspiration is good for me.

Laguz: How do I work with my dreams?

Ah, one of the cornerstones of my spiritual life. I track my dreams, write them as much as possible, sometimes get annoyed by them, but they’re very important to me. I wish I were more capable of dream control and lucid dreaming, but I’ve never been able to get the hang of that.

For next year I hope I can get back to my dream work, and perhaps bring it a little more in line with reality.

Ingwaz: What seeds have I planted, and what have I sacrificed to nourish them?

Are there new seeds? I have to wonder. I feel like I am still nurturing seeds planted from the last few years. There is also a part of me wondering if I really want to see these seeds to fruition, but for now they are aligned with the state of my life.
What have I sacrificed? Simple: a personal life. Even though I have never been the most social or outgoing person, it feels like I can’t even branch out when I am feeling that itch to be around people. Like a part of me is saying “no can do, you could be studying instead and you probably need to do that more.”
For 2011, I’d like to find some new seeds, please.


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